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The Problem with Flavours

I must say that my newly adopted nic hit has been a success. The quantity and intervals have been gauged and my routine is well encamped. Nothing is perfect. I say this with no remorse but rather a plead for novelty. I think it is variety that I lack. When using fermented and powdered tobacco, I pleasured my sinuses with a plethora of aromatic concoctions. I recall with comfort the zest of certain recipes like "Swiss Chocolate" and "Raspberry". The thought of these tasty treats has a longing effect.

 Chocolate and Raspberry

I recall the gradient of subtle flavours that nasal snuff offers me. The chronicle of sapor that whirls in my mind is seemingly endless. Then, I stumble out of my daydream and pop another chew bag. The aspiration for greater variety of essences is heartfelt. Not to say the hearty Norse offer us a traditional panoply of choices: spearmint, menthol, wintergreen and the like. What I crave for is the subtle taste of berries, the zesty piquant of allspice or burst of rum to accompany my usage.

 Rum and Allspice

Will this appeal fall on deaf ears? I prefer to think of a steady evolution of tobacco seasonings. Recipes that will provoke the variety of powdered tobacco to the practical of chew bags, this is where the future lies. I estimate the exponential growth of new aromas will be upon us momentarily, at least that is my wish. Little sacs of flavour to ameliorate my vice.

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