A Beginners Guide OdensUK

A Beginners Guide OdensUK

If you are new to nicotine pouches then you will want to know where to start and how to get the best out of the product. Below is our beginners guide.

(Or you can cheat and just jump straight to our curated Making a Start Collection)

Nicotine Pouches or Snus?

The first question to ask is whether you want to start with traditional snus or, the modern alternative, nicotine pouches.

Snus is a Nordic tobacco product with a history stretching back over a century. It is consists of a finely shredded tobacco most often contained in a teabag like pouch that is designed to sit under your top lip against the gum. Snus is consumed primarily in Sweden and Norway.

Nicotine pouches are a new product that is catching on across the world. It too comes in a small tea bags pouch designed to sit inside your lip, but importantly it does not contain any tobacco. Instead the pouch contains the pure nicotine salts infused into inert, water moistened cellulose (vegetable) granules.

Which style to choose? Of course it's entirely up to you but we here at OdensUK think that beginners should start with nicotine pouches because:

  • They are cleaner and fresher
  • Their is no social taboo associated with the white nicotine pouches
  • They are less likely to be caught up in any future anti-tobacco legislation 
  • They have more convincing flavours as there is no underlying tobacco taste

How To Use

OK, you have decided which style to use, snus or nicotine pouches. Next you need to decide which product to start with. This is an important choice because you need to make sure you are not jumping in the deep end and going for something too strong.

Even if you are a smoker trying to give up (good for you), or have tried some other brands, it is still our advice to start with the less strong products and work your way up. This will also allow you to taste the flavours without needing to take the pouch in and out of your mouth (a sure sign it's too strong).

Our Step By Step Usage Guide

Step 1 - Select your product

Feel free to browse the site but we recommend starting with something from our curated collection created especially for beginners - Making a Start Collection

Step 2 - Open the tin

Open the lid and grab a pouch by the corner using your thumb and index finger. Lift it out of the tin. 

odens tin

Step 3 - Insert the pouch under your upper lip

With your other hand, lift your upper lip so that you can place the nicotine pouch between your lip and gums and adjust the pouch for the most comfortable fit. Traditionally snus pouches are placed to either the left or the right, rather than in the middle, but clean white snus pouches are small, so do whatever feels best for you.

nicotine pouch upper lips

Step 4 - Keep the pouch in as long as you enjoy it

Different brands can vary in how quickly they release the nicotine, but it is common to keep a single bag from between 20 mins up to an hour. One way to know if you have the strength right is that you will feel a tingle, then forget about the pouch as you find your concentration levels rising, only taking it out when you notice it again.  

Of course, there is absolutely no need to spit while using pouches. Just go about your business as usual: smile, talk, and swallow as you normally would. But be aware that, because of the nicotine content, it is not advisable to swallow a pouch whole.

Step 5 - Dispose of the used pouch

To remove the pouch just grab it and take it out or use your tongue to push it into your mouth and then remove it. You can dispose of the used pouch directly into the bin but don’t forget that nearly all modern brands have a special compartment on the top of the tin specifically designed to take used pouches - this is especially handy if you want to discreetly swap a pouch when you are on the move, or in a meeting.

Used nicotine pouch dispose

Pro Tips

Store your product in the fridge

Keep the tin you are currently using easily accessible in your pocket, handbag or on your desk. Store the rest of your tins in the fridge to keep it fresher for longer. 

Anytime, anywhere

Nicotine pouches can be used wherever smoking is prohibited, like on aeroplanes, in offices, restaurants etc. We do advise that you dispose of the used pouches discreetly.

Not too strong

Should you feel dizzy or nauseous then you have had too much nicotine. Take the pouch out and rest for a while. Maybe opt for a less strong product next time. This is especially true if you are quitting smoking; opt for a low nicotine content to start with and move up gradually from there.

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