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Getting to Know the Odens Range

Now that you have mastered your nicotine pouch technique, and have been enjoying the beginner strength products for a while, perhaps it is time  to continue your journey to through some new flavours and strengths. 

This post will guide you through the intermediate Odens products we think are suitable for somebody who is curious to discover the range beyond the beginner products.


Flavours are a very personal choice and really, the only way to know them all is to try them all to see what you prefer, but which to choose? The Odens flavoured products tend to fall into the one of the following general categories:

  • Mint Flavours
    The refreshing and cooling effect of mint and menthol make these flavours instantly  popular, especially for those starting out, but there are other, related flavours that give the same freshness but with a subtler taste, for example wintergreen or eucalyptus.
  • Fruity Flavours
    Sweet, fruit and citrus flavours are also popular with beginners, and there is nothing wrong with that, but if these have been your goto flavours until now then it might be worth taking the time to try something new. Within the fruit category both lime and bergamot are more sophisticated and well worth the experiment.
  • Earthy Flavours
    These flavours are all closer to organic roots of nicotine bearing plants. What they lack in the freshness of mint or the sweetness of fruit they deliver in depth of taste and complexity of flavour. Here you will find distinct flavours like clove, cinnamon, traditional tobacco and licorice.


The point of a nicotine pouch is to deliver its nicotine smoothly and continuously. The higher the quality of the pouch the longer you can expect that delivery to last.

Technically, it is harder to keep the delivery of nicotine constant over longer periods. This means that cheaper pouches need to be stronger to last, but that creates a problem: an initial spike in nicotine followed by a fast decline is both unsatisfying and leads to you quickly wanting ever stronger products. Odens products are designed to last longer and deliver the nicotine smoothly over time. This allows you to choose products of intermediate strength and stay satisfied.

If you do decide to try a stronger product we recommend you make gradual increases in nicotine strength. Our product pages let you know the mg/g of nicotine. So for example you are currently using White Fox One Paw Nicotine Pouches at 8mg/g you might want to try White Fox Double Mint Nicotine Pouches at 16.5mg/g, this is an increase of 8mg/g of nicotine.

The secret is to move up the strengths slowly. Do not feel tempted to just go for the max super strength products right away. Odens pouches are designed to smoothly deliver the right amount of nicotine, but you need to find the strength that satisfies you. Work your way up and find that strength - and then you can stick to it. Once you are comfortable you are free to have fun and experiment with the flavours at that strength.

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