Warning! Experienced users only.

Warning! Experienced users only.

There has been an increased demand for extra strong pouches in the last few years. Previously 14mg/g was considered to be strong and 22 mg/g was considered extra strong. 

Siberia -80 degrees was the first brand to go into production advertised as extremely strong at 43 mg/g. Compared to pouches with regular strength, it’s 5 or 6 times stronger! It’s still one of the strongest products out there.

Factors that Affect Nicotine Strength

Sometimes those high mg/g  figures can be a little deceptive. The usable strength, that is the amount of nicotine that you actually receive from the pouch, is not only determined by headline concentration of nicotine in the pouches, but also, crucially, the quality of the pouch.

This is because the technical details such as the moisture level; the pH value; the quality of the inert, but important, cellulose carrier material (for nicotine pouches); even the shape and size of the pouch - they can all make a big difference to the usable strength.

That is why, in order to be sure you get what you pay for, you should opt for trusted products, like Odens, that are guaranteed to be  manufactured in modern, high tech Swedish facilities. 

You should also bear in mind that the flavouring used can increase the perceived strength of the product. Menthol is a flavour that is most known for this, as it provides a cooling and slight burning sensation in tandem with the release of nicotine, contributing to the overall perception of strength of the product.

A snus with high moisture and strong nicotine content is stronger than a dry, all white pouch with the same nicotine content. And a higher pH value also makes a stronger product.

All these factors are taken into account when reputable manufacturers determine the strength marked on the cans. 

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