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Questions for Odens

Chewbags, as the term implies, are small individually packaged pods of tobacco destined to be consumed orally. Slip between cheek and gum and within minutes the endorphin rush begins. Because of the nature of the packaging, there is no extra saliva production, hence no need to spit.

The effects of "chew" is of the same order as any tobacco product. The only difference might be the time between ingestion and effect varies. Oral being slower than inhalation of tobacco smoke. Chew is generally ground between the teeth to help your saliva absorb the nicotine. Dip is placed between lip and gum. The absorption from dip is similar to chew. What is true for both is that lots of saliva is produced and spitting is inevitable.

Small individual doses that contain plant derived or synthetic nicotine on a food grade base with salt and sometimes flavoring. This is a tobacco free product that has a longer shelf life than regular snus and the pouches are used in a similar fashion. Placed between gum and cheek the dose may last slightly longer than snus with minimal saliva production.

Some merchants choose to keep their nicotine pouches refrigerated. This will preserve freshness. It is a good habit to reseal the container after using a pouch. Simply closing the lid will guarantee freshness for the life of the product. If you use the pouches once a week, then I would keep them refrigerated. I don't think that's going to happen.

Nicotine is not a prohibited substance but does have an effect on the body. Consumption is linked to raised alertness, euphoria, and a sensation of being relaxed. Nicotine also results in increased levels of beta-endorphin, which reduces anxiety. Nicotine is addictive. People who regularly consume nicotine and then suddenly stop experience withdrawal symptoms.

The nicotine content varies from brand to brand but hovers somewhere between 8-43 mg. per pouch. That means in comparison to a cigarette the nicotine equivalent is roughly the same in a pouch. One must never forget that results vary between individuals as to how quickly the dose is absorbed and how tolerant an individual may be.

The final decision is always up to the individual. The personal sensation associated to nicotine consumption is difficult to ascertain or moderate. Each individual is different. The end results are the same. Both provide a vehicle for nicotine delivery. The real difference is usability. Nicotine pouches are much less visible, hence socially accepted, than vape smoke.

Yes, as all tobacco products, both vaping and the use of nicotine pouches are restricted to persons of legal age. Usually somewhere between eighteen and twenty-one, depending on your location.